apples at sunsetOur ciders come from blends of apples grown here in our orchards in the Finger Lakes.  We use native yeast and take a hands-off, minimalist approach to fermentation.  We never add sugar, fine, or filter our cider.  Instead, we let the fruit speak for itself, creating unique variation from season to season in our finished beverages.  Some of our apples are modern types such as Goldrush and Spigold.  Old American apple varieties like Golden Russet, Roxbury Russet, Northern Spy and Baldwin add a rustic, Americana flavor to the mix.  Finally, English and French apples such as Brown’s Apple, Major, Muscat de Dieppe, Harry Master’s Jersey, Kingston Black, Ellis Bitter, Somerset Redtreak, and many others originally from European cider lands mix with their American counterparts to produce the final, delicious blend of each cider we bottle.  Please visit our farm website to learn more about our apples.100_4080

¡No pasarán! Sidra in 750ml bottles and 20liter key kegs 2016 vintage.  Made in a Northern Spanish style, which is our personal favorite region for cider (Asturias and Basque Country).  70% Heirlooms including Freiherr von Berlepsch, Calville Blanc, Spigold, Rhode Island Greening, Reinette Franche, Old Non-Pariel, Northern Spy, Ashmead’s Kernel and Holstein Pippin.  30% Bittersweet and Bittersharps including Skinner-Mspanish apple cider no pasaran blackduck cidery finger lakescCue, Dabinette, Brown’s Apple, Kingston Black, Bramatot and Yarlington Mills.  The cider began fermentation as pomace before being pressed off after ten days.  Lots were blended together to create this still cider that pays homage to Spain.  No sulfites were added during fermentation or bottling.


Barrel Fermented is a still dry cider aged and fermented for over seven product-woodymonths in 7th use Hungarian oak barrels in 500ml, 750ml bottles and 20liter key kegs 2016 vintage.