Our Orchard


Our fruit comes from two separate parcels in the Finger Lakes of upstate New York, between Seneca and Cayuga the two largest lakes in the region.  The micro climate at both orchards is perfect for producing a wide variety of cultivars that ripen to their maximum potential.  Warm autumn days and cool nights maintain levels of acidity and tannin, while achieving the right balance of sugars to produce our unique beverages.  The evaluation of fruit, that grows well in the Finger Lakes region, has been over fifteen years in the making at Blackduck Cidery and continues each year.  We scout for wild seedling trees to graft in our orchard that have the qualities needed for cider and perry and try “new” cultivars that meet our standards.  We follow organic orchard practices and strive to produce the highest quality fruit for our cider, perry and vinegar.  We hand pick and allow the fruit to sweat for optimum ripeness before pressing and fermenting.  Soil, weather, cultivar types and the hand of the Blackduck team work together in harmony to bring a finished drink that is both unique and delicious.  Please visit our farm site at Daring Drake Farm to see the varieties we grow to produce our hand crafted products.

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