Perry is the noblest of the pome fruit beverages, delicate in flavor and rare due to the horticultural traits of pears.  Our perry comes from blends of pears grown here in our Finger Lakes orchards.  We use native yeast and take a hands off minimalist approach to fermentation. We never add sugar, fine or filter our perry. We let the fruit speak for it’s self and variation from season to season should be expected in the finished beverages. We use a small amount of old American varieties like Seckel, Dana Hovey and Honey Sweet in the final blend.  The real work horse varities that we add are a mix of strangely named fruit from European origins; Barnet, Butt, Yellow Huffcap, Hendrik’s Huffcap, Normanischen Ciderbirne, Gin, Brandy and others.   These true perry pears add different flavors, acids and tannins that are the signature of our beverage.  Please visit our farm site at Daring Drake Farm for more information on pears.


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