100_3934Our family has been growing fruit in the Finger Lakes region of New York for well over a decade.  We have sold fresh fruit using organic standards through farmer’s markets, restaurants, natural groceries and our farm stand while patiently waiting to bring our cidery to fruition.  Patiently would clearly be an exaggeration of our dispositions.  We have finally arrived at the place we envisioned many moons ago.  It was a hard dirty slog, but it was all worth it.  We hope you agree!

Shannon is the real trooper of the operation with a border collie like attitude and that scary intense stare.  She runs the behind the scene work at Blackduck and preforms all the grunt tasks in the field.  She even has to batgirl cideroccasionally deal with her two charming and adorable children.  In her free time she is the director of the Edith B. Ford Memorial Library in Ovid, NY.

John is the orchard guy, cider-maker and clown at Blackduck.  A laugh at john grindingyour expense or occasionally at his own, makes the world a brighter place.  If you want to hear a 3 hour lecture on some aspect of fruit (or several other topics he claims expertise), he’s your guy.   Although he’s obsessed with fruit and cider, his two red headed girls are the apples of his eye!

Idunn at Wassail

Idunn is the oldest of the spawn at Blackduck.  She has quickly become the number one fruit tester and critic.  If anyone could be the healthy testament to consuming raw apple cider vinegar, it would be Idunn.   When not planning her future in fashion design or dance, she looks after her sister, romps in the orchard and plots the take over of the cidery when her parents are to old and decrepit to stop her.

Pippin is the newest member of the team.  She started off with the sampippin cowe defiant attitude as the rest of the clan by stealing her sister’s red hair.  Her appetite for fruit is unmatched and insatiable.  She currently spends most of her time developing skills of disguise while waiting to implement the plan of conquest with her big sister.

Cheers from the orchard and cidery crew.

John, Shannon, Idunn, Pippin and all our peeps who were always there to lend a hand!